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Internet Explorer was first released by Microsoft in 1995. It was originally derived from Spyglass which was NCSA source code. IE was sold with Microsoft Windows 95 as an add on. Then in 1996 Microsoft bundled Internet Explorer with Windows. As part of the Browser Wars from 1997-2001 IE battled against Netscape eventually gaining market dominance.

In the late 90's the United States Justice Department pursued a case against Microsoft for it's unfair business practices by using it's monopoly position to dissuade Netscape from further developing Netscape Navigator. Eventually this will lead to other browsers entering the market without fear of Microsoft's power.

By 2005 Internet Explorer version 6 had nearly 90% market share. As it was bundled with Windows versions and readily available for free with Windows XP. However some very serious security issues begain to surface. These issues caused IE's reputation harm which began to whiddle away it's market share.

Internet Explorer still has huge audience, widespread usage, and is in general one of the top tier web browsers. It's feature rich, stable, and Microsoft continues to develop it. As a surfers choice for a browser it's a reliable decision.
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